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on Hotels, Flights, Rental Cars,
Vacations, Activities, & More!

We’re being called the Costco/Sam’s Club for travel deals!  LIVIT has prices that beat the competition; including Priceline, Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak, Trivago, & more. Plus, you earn the highest cash back commissions in the industry!

  • 4,000,000 Hotels & Resorts
  • 200,000 Cruises
  • Millions of Activities
  • In over 200 Countries



Real Wholesale Pricing!

Price Comparisons



✓ 4,000,000+ Worldwide
✓ 100,000+ Member Deals
✓ 60 Million Reviews
✓ 24/7/365 Support
✓ 40 Languages
✓ Every Currency

LIVIT Hotels

✓ Over 2,000,000 hotels worldwide
✓ Hotels in more than 20,000 cities
✓ 100,000+ Promotional Rates
✓ 4 million customer reviews
✓ Largest source of deeply discounted rates
✓ Available in 36 languages



✓ 18 Major Brands
✓ 180+ Countries
✓ 28,000 Locations

LIVIT Rental Cars

✓ Partnered with 18 Rental Car Brands
✓ The ONLY Booking Engine offering ALL Major Brands
✓ Rental Cars in 180+ Countries
✓ Over 28,000 Pick-up and Drop-off Locations



✓ 229 Major Airlines
✓ 5690 Airports
✓ 200 Countries

LIVIT Flights

✓ Partnered with 229 Airlines Worldwide
✓ Operating in 5690 Airports
✓ Flights to and from 180+ Countries



✓ 40,000+ Wholesale Packages
✓ Hotels, Flights, Rental Cars, Activities
✓ 8,000 Cities
✓ Insurance Packages

LIVIT Vacations

✓ Over 40,000 Hotels with Discounted Package Rates
✓ Operating in over 8,000 Cities
✓ Add Car Rentals and Insurance Packages to all Reservations



✓ 200,000+ Departures
✓ Cruise Concierge 24/7/365
✓ 110% Best Price Guarantee
✓ Highest Commissions
✓ Comprehensive Cruise Platform

LIVIT Activities

✓ Book Over 60,000 Tours and Activities
✓ Exclusive Tours
✓ Skip the Line Tickets
✓ 24/7 Live Global Support
✓ Verified Reviews
✓ Low Price Guarantee



✓ 5,000,000 Tours & Activities
✓ Exclusive Tours
✓ Skip the Line Tickets
✓ 24/7 Live Global Support
✓ TripAdvsior Reviews
✓ Lowest Price Guarantee

LIVIT Social Travel

✓ Proprietary Trip Finder Technology
✓ Exclusive, Curated, and Discounted SOCIAL TRAVEL
✓ LIVIT Locals in your Community
✓ LIVIT Lite Trips (Weekend Getaways) Worldwide
✓ LIVIT Large Trips (Extended Adventures) Worldwide



Travel & Transform the World

It’s more than a motto; it’s what we live by. LIVIT gives back to communities around the world!

Even the most simple acts of giving back — the ones we think of as “random acts of kindness” or “no big deal” — are actually incredibly important. Giving back strengthens our communities and brings people together.


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Activities & Experiences

You get more than great savings at LIVIT.  You’ll also get exclusive, curated SOCIAL activities & experiences with LIVIT’s proprietary trip finder.

From your backyard to around the world!


Local Social Events

Weekend Getaways

Bucket List Adventures



LIVIT is the most advanced Travel Booking Engine for individuals, large enterprises, and organizations to access wholesale travel pricing. Our Proprietary Technology provides access to the most inventory, at the lowest rates, and the highest commissions in the industry.

How It Works

LIVIT takes the same bulk buying concept that Sam’s Club and Costco used to build a membership base of a 100 million members.  But, instead of giving you access to savings on household products like toilet paper and toothpaste; LIVIT applies it to something we think is a lot sexier… Travel.

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