Life is an exciting, ever-changing banquet of new experiences and possibilities to saber, but only if you make it so. Regularly revisit refresh and renew your most important life lessons and constantly branch out and she knew lists and new frontiers to explore. Don’t stop here Dash make your own top 10 lists if you’re looking for fresh ideas, you’ll find lots of kindred spirits on the web who are willing to share a list ideas with you some are serious, some are quirky,  some are cerebral, some are spiritual, some are sentimental, and some are just pure adventure and fun. Here is a cross-section to get you started.

What gives me hope for the future? Who or what have I forsaken? Who are the childhood friends I want to reconnect with? Who are the things I love the most about my work? Which means will I no longer procrastinate about? What are simple pleasures I would like to make more time for? Which family traditions do I want to keep, and make even more meaningful? Which places in my own city do I want to explore? What things do I want to try for the first time? Were the happiest people I know and why? What can I do to give myself more peace of mind? What are some ways I’m committed to being healthier? What are some things I would like to do with (Or for) My friends? What are some specific ways I can express my love for my family? What are some things I’d like to ask my father my mother? What are the 10 best pieces of advice I have ever been given?  What do I love best about my life? When were the times in my life one of the most alive? Which family recipes should be written down and passed on with love? What are some of the most valuable things that money can’t buy? Who are the answers I want to know more about? What are the stressful things in my life that I can plan to do something about it? What are some ways I will lessen my impact on the planet? Who are the people who have moved away that I would like to contact? What are the things I would do if I suddenly lost everything? Which things should I donate or get rid of because they are just collecting dust? What are the things I would do now to ensure a fun and meaningful old age?

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