Ask, “What if?”

Those two little words can open new worlds for all of us, in every facet of work, love, and life.

After Apple CEO Steve Jobs died, his friend John Lassiter recalled that part of Steve’s genius rose from constantly and courageously asking himself, “what is?”

“No one likes their cell phone.” Jobs once told Lasseter, “so what if I make a phone that people love?”

“What is you could have a thousand songs in that little phone in your pocket?”

“What if you could store a thousand photos on it?”

“What if you could easily edit your own home movies right there on your phone?”

Make yourself a promise: Pick up a pencil, now and then, and ask yourself “What is?” Just think of something that would be really wonderful if it were only possible, and write it down on your “what-if” list. See where your ideas take you!

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