To knows the road ahead, ask those coming back.

Life doesn’t come with a roadmap to follow, but the closest thing is probably the inspiring Legacy Project launched by Professor Karl Pillemer of Cornell University. In 2006, he asked 1,500 older Americans who lived through extraordinary experiences and historical events to share with him their most important life lessons. Though the participants had a wide variety of knowledge and perspectives, virtually all of them chose this as one of their most important pieces of advice.

Say yes to life and see where it leads you.

Say yes when things come your way. You will always regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did do.

Saying yes to life is really saying yes to yourself. “Yes” opens the door to new ideas and experiences, lets the light in, attracts kindred spirits to your journey, launches dreams and new beginnings, and spares you from later regrets. Sure, “yes” leads to change, risk, adventure, and sometimes even trouble, but “no” usually leads nowhere. Starting now, say yes to life and see where it leads you.

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