This Survival Guide is essential reading for every participant. Read it carefully!

REVOLUTION is not a festival. It is a global cultural movement; a community. In our community you are responsible for your own survival, safety, and well-being. You are invited to collaborate, be inclusive, creative, connective, and to Leave No Trace.

REVOLUTION Belongs to All of Us

You’re going to REVOLUTION! Participant engagement and investment in our community are crucial for our community and culture to continue to thrive and flourish.

We must work together to preserve and protect the culture that defines REVOLUTION and sets it apart from music festivals and other mass-produced events. Whether it’s your first time or you are a seasoned veteran, we need your help.

REVOLUTION will be better and more fun if you:
1. Find a way to contribute
2. Come prepared
3. Be kind to yourself and others
4. Leave No Trace

Do your part; the future of REVOLUTION depends on YOU.


REVOLUTION is not a festival; it is a community and a global cultural movement. What happens here is up to you! You are entering a space that values who you are, not what you have. You are expected to participate in this community; to collaborate, to be inclusive, to be creative, and to be connective, and to clean up after yourself.

Be Fully Present

Put your devices away! (Phone included.) We seek to remove barriers that stand between ourselves and what’s around us, including our fellow citizens and the natural world. In today’s highly connected world, we can all benefit from taking time to unplug and be fully present.

Getting Around

REVOLUTION is a walking and biking community. You must park your vehicle at your campsite and leave it there while you are at the event.

Other vehicles intended for recreational driving (motorcycles, large scooters, golf carts, ATVs, and PTVs) are NOT permitted and will be turned away at the gate.

Speed Limit

The speed limit in our community is 5 mph at all times. This includes bikes! That’s reeeeaaaalllly slow!

Right of Way

Pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way over motor vehicles. Passengers may only get on or off a vehicle that is completely stopped.


RVs are allowed as a means of transportation to REVOLUTION, and must be parked at your campsite for the duration of your stay. You may NOT use them during the event as a means of transportation.


Motorcycles are allowed as a means of transportation to REVOLUTION, and must be parked at your campsite for the duration of your stay. You may NOT use them during the event as a means of transportation.

Electric-Assist Bikes (e-bikes)

Electric-assist bikes are allowed, but you must obey the 5 mph vehicle speed limit and the bike must conform to state law.


You’re really really going to want to have a bike to get around and explore. REVOLUTION is a walking and biking community.

What Kind of Bike Should I Bring?

The ideal bicycle is a mountain bike. Thin 10-speed or road bike tires can make for some tough travel. They’re just not nature-friendly. Your bike should be in good enough shape to survive and ride smoothly.

Can I Get a Bike Close to REVOLUTION?

Probably, but finding your bike is up to you.

Light Your Bike!!!

It’s super dangerous to ride around on an unlit bike at night. Dangerous for you and for those around you. There are a lot of people running around at night… if your bike isn’t lit, they can’t see you. Riding an unlit bike is just asking for trouble. Get some lights and put them on your bike. Install a good headlight that brightens your way (but isn’t blinding to others, and isn’t so bright that you can’t see anything outside of the beam) and a nice red tail light too.


Now that you won’t die from lack of illumination, here are a few suggested bike upgrades:

1. Comfy seat
2. Get a bell or horn. (You will enjoy making sounds at people, and you might need their attention.)
3. Working brakes

Lock Your Bike!

Always lock it wherever you leave it.

REVOLUTION and LIVIT are not responsible if your bike gets stolen. We do not have the capacity or funds to deliver recovered stolen bikes to you, so if your bike is recovered, we’ll work with you to pick it up on site.

Bike Repair

Again, this is up to you. Come prepared.

Age Restrictions

Children and adults under 21 are not allowed at REVOLUTION.

Law Enforcement

All federal, state, and local laws still exist at the REVOLUTION event. Numerous law enforcement agencies patrol the surrounding communities and roadways, and illegal action can lead to citation or arrest.

Law enforcement officers have a difficult job, please respect the valuable work they do keeping our community safe. It is the duty of all law enforcement personnel to enforce the law, and they are there to help protect our participants and community. It is not the mission of these agencies to police your lifestyle or inhibit self-expression. It is their duty to uphold the law; please cooperate.


Legal information is not legal advice, and although we strive to ensure the accuracy and usefulness of the information here, you should consult with a lawyer if you want legal advice about a particular situation.


If there’s a life-threatening emergency in your camp, or you experience or encounter an emergency, you have options to get help. First and foremost yell for help! You can try to call 911 on your cell phone. If you have reception, your call will be routed to a 911 dispatch center. Don’t stop here.

Ask any person with an event radio or public safety radio for help, this includes any member of staff and security, and all state, county and federal agencies. They can assist you with contacting any medical response, EMS, fire, or law enforcement.

Our community has a fully staffed first aid station. We also have a doctor and nurse on site.

If you become a victim of a crime during the event, report it immediately. Local law enforcement will respond and investigate. It is imperative you report the crime while on site; it’s extremely difficult to investigate a crime post-event when camps, cars, evidence and witnesses are gone. Insurance agencies require a law enforcement report to file claims of theft.

Health and Safety

REVOLUTION provides the essential safety infrastructure to take care of our community, but ultimately the responsibility for your personal health and safety falls to you.

You’re Sick or Hurt. What are Your Options?

The first thing you should do is determine whether you can treat yourself using a personal or camp first aid kit. If your illness or injury is more severe than you can manage yourself, ask your campmates for assistance. Alternately, get yourself to one of our first aid stations.

If on-site medical providers feel you have a medical emergency that requires a higher level of care, you may need to visit a hospital. This may require transport by an ambulance, plane, or helicopter. You’ll want to have your ID, insurance card, cell phone, and wallet when you go. You’ll be asked to sign a Release of Information form, which gives us permission to tell your friends and family where you went. You’ll need to arrange for a friend to pick you up after your hospital visit.

Bring an adequate supply of your medications (even the ones you rarely use when at home), plus a little extra in case your departure is delayed. Keep all medications in their original prescription containers. Don’t come to REVOLUTION if you’ve just had major surgery or illness!


H.A.L.T. stands for Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired. If not recognized and dealt with, you risk making yourself and those around you miserable. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Wash Your Hands!

We strongly recommend each camp have hand washing stations set up for regular hand-washing use. Carrying and using hand sanitizer is a good start, but there’s no substitute for washing with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds as the most effective way to reduce contamination on the hands.

Leave No Trace

We are grateful for this stunningly beautiful world and are equally committed to respecting and protecting this special place. Leaving No Trace demonstrates our community’s commitment to the environment. You packed it in; you pack it out.

Cameras and Video Recorders

Participants agree not to interfere with the experience of others and to ask permission before photographing or recording anyone. REVOLUTION limits cameras and video recorders permitted at the event to protect participant privacy and prevent our community from exploitation.

Dogs and Other Animals

Dogs and other animals are not permitted. If you show up with your dog or other animal, you will be turned away at the gate or asked to leave. Do not bring them with you.

Consent and Sexual Misconduct

REVOLUTION is committed to making our community safe. We are family, and we always need to take care of our own. We are all in this together.

Consent is the cornerstone of a healthy community. It’s simple: whether it’s a potential sexual encounter, physical touch of any kind, something requiring permission that will radically alter the experience of another person, or involves the recording of someone’s image or voice, you are responsible for getting verbal consent before engaging. It is neither ethical nor acceptable to proceed without that person’s awareness and clear consent. An impaired person cannot give consent.

If you see someone who needs help, offer it. if you see someone being treated any way but wonderfully, step in and be an advocate or contact security.

Consent – Consent extends beyond intimacy and encompasses many aspects of our interactions, including:

Touch — Just because you hugged someone yesterday doesn’t mean you can surprise them with a hug today. “Surprise contact” isn’t always wanted, even if it’s affectionate.

Kink — Consent for one thing isn’t consent for another. If I said you can spank me, that doesn’t give you permission to grope me.

Sex — Consent can be revoked once it’s been given.

Gifts — Disclose what is in your gifts, even if it’s just essential oils. Some people have sensitivities or allergies.

Foods — Disclose the ingredients, as one person’s innocuous ingredient can be someone else’s allergy.

Photography — Ask before taking pictures. Remember consent to take a picture is not consent to post it on your blog. And it’s never consent to sell the photo or use it for any commercial purpose.

Sexual Misconduct Awareness, Education and Prevention

Sexual misconduct, while uncommon and unconscionable, can happen at REVOLUTION. REVOLUTION is a community built by its participants and we all have a stake in the safety and security of our fellow community participants.

We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses sexual misconduct to report it immediately to law enforcement and / or security.

If you experience any non-consensual contact, we have security who will support you. They will maintain confidentiality, and they’ll help you decide whether you want law enforcement involved or you just need someone with whom to talk it through. We need everyone’s help to foster an educated, empowered and safe community.

Your Well Being

REVOLUTION is not immune to the potential dangers of drug and alcohol use and misuse. REVOLUTION and its partners in health and safety, including law enforcement, believe in the importance of harm reduction. Here are some things to remember:

Always be hydrating. Bring your own water wherever you go and be sure to get enough electrolytes.
Get enough sleep.
Eat healthy, nourishing food.
If you don’t know what’s in something, it’s best not to drink or eat it. Participants should be aware of this and exercise appropriate caution. If you feel like you’ve been dosed, seek help immediately. If you see someone who appears to be overly intoxicated, ask them whether they need help.

If you or someone around you needs help, seek out security, medical personnel, or a law enforcement officer. They are there to ensure your safety and will assist you.

Personal Boundaries

REVOLUTION can be an erotically charged environment. You can help prevent sexual harassment and assault while ensuring sex-positive free expression thrives. Know and express your boundaries. Ask about and respect the boundaries of others. Look out for each other, including anyone you encounter who might be in distress. If you see behavior that concerns you, contact security.

Substance-Related Harm Reduction

Things getting a little too weird… even for REVOLUTION? You can find support during particularly challenging experiences, substance-related or otherwise at the first aid station. Peer support volunteers can help with those having a difficult or overwhelming experience but who don’t require medical care. You are responsible for your campmates. Don’t expect to dump your friend with these amazing volunteers and then go party. Taking care of your friends in need might be the most important thing that happens to you out there.

Sound Policy

REVOLUTION is dedicated to radical self-expression, but it is also dedicated to creating community. This means we all must find a way to get along with our neighbors. Our history has led us to where we MUST give guidelines on amplification.

The following rules make up our basic sound policy:

1. Neighbors should talk to one another when sound becomes problem and try to resolve the issue through direct communication.
2. Within the community, a maximum power amplification of 300 watts is permitted, producing sound amplification not to exceed 90 decibels, when measured at 20 feet from the source.

Loud vs. Quiet

We will have no “loud” and “quiet” sides of the city. These are relative terms, and they set up expectations that may be impossible to meet. These terms create infinite gray areas regarding what is perceived to be “loud” or “quiet,” and this results in difficult negotiations between neighbors.

Sound Complaints

If you believe your neighbor’s sound is too loud and you are not able to effectively negotiate a solution, you may report this to a Security Station. Security Stations are located at the entry and headquarters. A complaint should contain:

1. The exact SOURCE of the sound. (Vague reports will result in no action or ineffective action.)
1. The exact TIME of the disturbance. (Vague reports will result in no action or ineffective action).

Any complaints about excessive sound will become the concern of security. Concerns about excessive sound can result in:
a) volume check and mediation between camps,
b) volume check and a final warning on complaints,
c) the disabling of equipment.

Please report problems when they happen, although reports filed the next day can be useful with persistent problem camps.

We will not take action on issues of taste.

Working Together

As a community, we need to work together to keep sound at desirable levels. This means that everyone involved is personally responsible for how they affect everyone else’s experience. If your neighbor believes your sound is too loud, you must work with them to find an acceptable volume. With these actions you should be able to handle all of your own sound issues.

If everyone works together there will be no need for security to monitor sound. Please pass this information around to other participants in your Culture Camp. A community effort is needed to pull this off.

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