There are two kinds of check lists.

One is a regular “to-do” list with little empty boxes next to each item. Checking off your to-do list is a satisfying  way to celebrate another day checking off all the things you chose to complete. You can find this kind of to-do form at any office supply store, or even find one online.

The second kind of list—the “ta-da” list—is even more satisfying . It’s an inspiring and magical list of reminders about what you strive to include in each day of your life, no matter what, no matter what, no matter what.

Here are some examples of a “ta-da” list:

Did I wake up and greet the day?

Did I celebrate just being alive?

Did I read something interesting today?

Did I change something for the better?

Did I treat my body well?

Did I count my blessings?

Did I think about my future?

Did I stand up for someone or something?

Imagine how good you’ll feel if you can say “Ta-da!” To these kind of questions at the end of each day.

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