A “bucket list” is a compilation of all the interesting things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Everyone has a bucket list inside them, but not everyone has taken the time to write it down. Creating the actual list is an exciting step, because it increases the chances that you will actually check those items off as you make them happen. Bucket lists are usually quirkier or more adventurous than, say, a list of your top ten lifetime goals. A typical bucket list item might be something like this pearl from writer Sean Fogle: “Go to Cuba before the embargo is lifted, and enjoy a great cigar.” In February 2012, Fogle successfully crossed that one off his list, but you can add it to your list if you want. There are no penalties for copying someone else’s bucket list. In fact, if you search “bucket list,” you’ll find literally thousands of ideas that other adventurous souls have posted online.

Here are some example to stir your creative juices:

Live in a tree top tent for a week in the Amazon Jungle

Learn Japanese

Run a marathon

Visit a music festival in all 50 states

shake hands with the president

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