The place God calls you


to is the place where your


deep gladness and the


world’s deep hunger meet.


-Frederick Buechner

Throughout life, there’s a voice that only you can hear, calling you to do your real work in the world. If you hear it and heed it, then your work will become one of your greatest joys.

A job is just a task you do to pay the bills, a career is primarily motivated by titles, notoriety, or advancement.

A true calling is doing exactly what you love most—your passion—and knowing that you will be appreciated and rewarded for it, both now and at the end of your life.

Moving toward my true calling

Step 1: Write your purpose statement.

In general, what is the primary joy that you seek to express in your life and work? Your answer doesn’t need to be profound; it needs to express our most persistent yearning or interest. Chances are you already know the answer, even if it’s vague: “musical expression,” or “caring for the less fortunate,” or “working with kids,” or traveling the world,” or “teaching and empowering others,” or “preserving nature,” or “political activism.”

Step 2: List several ways you might express your Purpose Statement as an actual vocation.

Make a list of ten areas that you might be interested in working in. Then narrow it down by circling your top 2-3. For example, in your purpose statement is “preserving nature,” and your top areas of interest are “writing,” “working with endangered animals,” and “environmental activism,” chances are your true calling and dream job are likely to be found in one of those three, or in combination.


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