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Aleida, a first-generation Cuban-American, grew up in an extended family environment where the prevailing language at home was Spanish. Coming from nothing but a loving family trying to make ends meet, Aleida has strong family values and believes in giving more than receiving. As a single mom of a beautiful 22-year-old daughter, she has worked tirelessly to become the successful business woman she is today. It was always a struggle, but she was determined to give her daughter a better life, where she would need for nothing. She is extremely inquisitive, with a sense of adventure, and has always painted outside of the lines.

Aleida has been a consultant in the Information Management field, working with several Fortune 500 companies. She is currently the owner of a successful e-commerce business and is partners with her lovely wife, Lori, in Livit International, LLC.

Lori, a girl from the suburbs of Philly, grew up loving and playing sports like stickball, hockey, and football in the streets with the boys. She got into the sport of tennis in 6th grade, and played in tournaments throughout the region for several years and was ranked in the top 20 in the middle-states division at the age of 16. Lori also played and lettered in several varsity sports in high school, and went on to become an all-American on a Division I field hockey team at Lock Haven University of PA. She is a die-hard Philly sports fan and knows what it’s like to be a dedicated, loyal fan due to the many let-downs her sports teams have experienced over several decades. This dedication and loyalty has carried over into her personal life, where when asked what one word describes Lori, friends and family will say things like passionate, honest, adventurous, and humorous, to name a few.

Together, Aleida and Lori have been living it up for many years, and doing more now than ever to enjoy life to its fullest, thanks to this amazing LIVIT opportunity. Their passion for living life extends to their love for travel and playing golf. They travel to fun, exciting places several times a year. This year alone they’ve traveled to Italy, Cabo, Cuba, Rhode Island, with Florida and Vegas on the books before the end of the year!

Aleida and Lori want to share their enthusiasm and passion for life to as many people as possible in hopes that they, too, can live the life of their dreams!

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