LIVIT Get Lost… Find Yourself! Checklist

Our gear checklist is recommended, so that you are comfortable and so you don’t forget anything important.

Camping Checklist:

✓ Tent (with stakes, guylines, footprint, rain fly, tent repair kit, and mallet and/or hammer)
✓ Sleeping bags (with liners)
✓ Sleeping pads/Air mattresses (with pump, if needed and pad/mattress repair kit)
✓ Cot
✓ Camp Pillows
✓ Tarp
✓ Camp Chairs
✓ Headlamps (with extra batteries)
✓ Flashlights (with extra batteries and bulbs)
✓ Lanterns (with mantles and fuel and/or batteries)
✓ Heater with Stand (with fuel)
✓ Water bottles (with filter or treatment tablets)
✓ Pocket Knife and/or Multi-tool
✓ Backpack
✓ Binoculars
✓ Fishing Gear (and CO Fishing License)
✓ Camp Tools:  Shovel, Hatchet, and Saw
✓ Bath Towels and Wash Cloths
✓ ENO-style Hammock (with straps)

Clothing and Footwear:

Chilly nights and very warm days are possible, so come prepared. Think LAYERS!
✓ Moisture-wicking under layers (t-shirts and liners)
✓ Long Underwear
✓ Quick-drying pants/shorts
✓ Short and Long Sleeve Shirts
✓ Sweaters, Pull-Overs, and/or Fleeces
✓ Swimsuit, Cover-Up, Flip Flops
✓ Sleepwear
✓ Insulating coat and/or jacket (we go where there is still snow…)
✓ Insulated pants
✓ Gloves or mittens
✓ Full Body Waterproof Rainwear (jacket and pants… Don’t forget this.)
✓ Socks (synthetic or wool)
✓ Comfortable Hiking Boots or Shoes
✓ Athletic Shoes
✓ Water Shoes or Sandals
✓ LIVIT Caps and/or Hats
✓ Bandanas and/or Buffs
✓ Sunglasses
And anything else that you need.

LIVIT Camp Kitchen:

LIVIT will provide the following Camp Kitchen items:
✓ Stove (with Windscreen, Fuel Connector, and Fuel)
✓ Fuel bottle(s) with fuel funnel
✓ Lighters/ Matches/Firelighters
✓ Charcoal (with Fire Starter)
✓ Firewood (if allowed, plus Saw or Axe)
✓ Grill Rack with Stake
✓ Cast Iron Pots and Pans: Skillet, Pot, Dutch Oven (with Pot Grabber)
✓ Pot Holder, Oven Mits
✓ Portable coffee/espresso maker
✓ Can Opener
✓ Bottle Opener, Corkscrew
✓ Cooking Utensils: Spatula Tongs, Spoon, Spatula, Meat Fork, Tongs, Whisk
✓ Knife Set: Paring Knife, Fish Knife
✓ BBQ Tool Set
✓ Cutting Board
✓ Measuring Cups and Spoons
✓ Funnel
✓ Mixing Bowls
✓ Biodegradable Dish Soap
✓ Pot Scrubber/Sponge(s)
✓ Portable Camp Sink
✓ Quick-dry towels
✓ Trash bags
✓ Tablecloth and Clips (or tape)
✓ Cooking Spray
✓ Salt & Pepper
✓ Basic Spice & Herb Kit

Your Camp Kitchen:

You will need to bring:
✓ Yeti Cup
✓ Food Storage Containers
✓ Resealable Storage Bags
✓ Foil
✓ Coolers (with Ice)
✓ Plates
✓ Bowls
✓ Mugs/Cups
✓ Utensils
✓ Egg Holders… only if you are bringing eggs.
✓ Marshmallow/wiener roasting sticks
And anything else that you need.


Some beverage ideas:
✓ Water… lots.
✓ Instant Coffee
✓ Powdered Creamer
✓ Instant Tea
✓ Hot Cocoa
✓ Flavored Drink Mixes
✓ Bottled and/or Canned Beverages


Some snack ideas:
✓ Granola and/or instant oatmeal
✓ Granola Bars and/or Breakfast Bars
✓ Trail Mix
✓ Crackers & Chips
✓ Tortillas
✓ Jerky
✓ Deli Meat
✓ Summer Sausage
✓ Cheese
✓ Jerky
✓ Fruit (dried and fresh)
✓ Vegetables
✓ S’mores (Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars, Marshmallows)


Some food ideas:
✓ Breakfast Food
✓ Bacon
✓ Eggs
✓ Lunch
✓ Dinner
And anything else that you need.

Personal Items:

✓ Sunscreen
✓ Wind Burn Protection (Think Coconut Oil, Vaseline, Aquaphor, Badger Balm, Original Ski Balm, etc. and/or an good Occlusive Moisturizing Cream)
✓ Lip Balm
✓ Insect Repellent
✓ Hand Sanitizer
✓ Glasses and/or Contact Lenses
✓ Mirror
✓ Toiletry and/or Cosmetic Kits…  don’t forget your toothbrush!
✓ Eyeshades and/or Earplugs…  only if you need help sleeping.
✓ Toilet Paper and Wipes
And anything else that you need.

First Aid Kit:

✓ First Aid Kit (LIVIT will have a comprehensive First Aid Kit)
✓ Any Personal Prescription Medications
✓ Altitude Remedies (Ibuprofen, Neo 40, Cell Food)
And anything else that you need.


✓ Cell Phone (with charger, headphones)
✓ Camera and/or Camcorder (with charger, memory cards, and film)
✓ Portable Speaker
✓ Portable Power Source/Battery Pack/Solar Charger (for charging your devices)
✓ Two-Way Radios (optional)
✓ GPS Receiver (optional)
And anything else that you need.

Fun Stuff:

This is all optional, but… fun!
✓ Map, Guidebook, Field Guides, Etc.
✓ Pen/Pencil
✓ Geocaching Materials
✓ Playing Cards (LIVIT will have a few decks)
✓ Metal Detector (LIVIT will have one metal detector)
✓ Frisbee and/or Football (LIVIT will have a one of each)
And anything else that you need.

Let’s go have some fun!


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