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Area Director

2017 RockStar

Perhaps the BIGGEST breakthrough of my life, that we should work to live NOT live to work, came as my girlfriend—unbeknownst to her, at that moment, soon to be my fiancé—and I were floating down the Siene River on a Bateaux Mouches (open excursion boat.) It was a weekday, around 5pm, and there were people ALL along the banks sitting on blankets having wine and cheese, and laughing deliriously. They weren’t on their devices. They were LIVING!

The first of the two greatest moments of my life happened on that same Paris trip when I proposed to my incredible wife, Ellen, atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris on the 7th anniversary of the day we met. Four years later, we got married along the beach of one of our favorite resorts in Ixtapa, Mexico with 30 friends and family there to witness and celebrate.

I understand myself better because I met people from other cultures, saw we share MUCH more in common than not, and realized there was SO much more to life than what I was living in my own. I had just been surviving. Travel helped me to THRIVE!

Ellen and I are furparents to our big boy, Wrigley, a 5-year old Great Pyrenees. We’re pretty sure our dearly departed furgirl, Bella, sent him. We miss her dearly, but are so grateful for the love she brought to us for the 8 years we had with her.

There’s nothing like pouring your love into another soul, without any expectation of what you’ll get back!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford”


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