Chief People Officer

I have learned that many of the clichés heard when I was young are truly roadmaps for a life well lived. No amount or wealth or success are meaningful unless you have people you love to enjoy them with.  The adventure of life is better, more fun and enjoyable with others! Life is to be lived and not merely a resume of time in an office.  How many of us have toiled tirelessly at a job thinking it was the best thing for those around us? What is best for those in our life is for us to experience life with them! At the end of the day people remember you not for what all you did in life but how you made them feel.  Work is an important part of life, yes, which is part of our purpose but life is to be enjoyed and experienced. This is the different between surviving and truly living.

I love the mystery of people.  Traveling opens us up to so many different aspects of life and culture.  I love seeing the traces of the past, the architecture of the future and the wild nature still untouched in some many areas of the world. It is also wonderful to see that of all the vast differences between us around the globe that we are still alike in some many ways.

We at LIVIT are such a close family and we truly love and appreciate each other that we are generally aligned. There is no other group of people that I would want to travel and experience this life journey with!


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